Squirrel Monitoring Programme

We established a monitoring programme in spring 2012. This large scale systematic survey is repeated each year in spring. The work samples 300 woodlands and gardens across northern England, using the same methods in the same places each year. Surveys are carried out using trail cameras, by walking through woodlands and recording squirrels seen, or by observing squirrel visits to garden feeders (methods in detail can be downloaded below, as PDFs).

We have just finished the spring monitoring 2016. 293 sites were surveyed. We are delighted to be able to report that reds were detected in more sites than greys this year. Reds were found in 44% of sites (the same proportion as last year). Grey squirrels were found in 37% of sites, a considerable drop from 47% of sites the previous year. So, overall a great result, and one that provides encouragement to all those involved in red squirrel conservation across northern England. The report can be read in full by downloading the pdf below.  


Huge thanks once again to over 140 people who helped us continue this monitoring effort. It is a massive achievement for all involved.  

We would greatly welcome new participants in this monitoring network. If you would like to take part, please do contact Simon O'Hare to discuss further.